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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Corned Beef and Cheese Rice Balls by RiA

I got this from Flavors Magazine. It looked so delicious in the picture and it was so easy to do. I had a little bit of problem at first because the rice I made was not so sticky and the original recipe calls for a cubed cheese and rolled into the corned beef. I made a solution for both the problems I had. I added more water in the rice to make it stickier and then cooked the corned beef and cheese together and then rolled in the rice.

Cheese, Grated
Corned Beef
Rice, cooked
Eggs, beaten
Japanese Breadcrumbs
Cooking oil for deep frying

Cook the corned beef together with the grated cheese. Get a spoonful of corned beef and wrap with cooked rice. Roll on palms to make even balls. Place each rice ball on a tray liked with baking paper and freeze.
When ready to cook, heat oil in pan. While the rice balls are still in frozen state, dip in beaten eggs and roll in Japanese Breadcrumbs. Deep fry rice balls in hot oil until golden brown. You can dip this with garlic sauce or any dip you want.

I tasted sooo delicious and very filling because of the rice. You can use other mixture inside and be inventive. Until my next dish! See yah!

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