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Monday, July 9, 2012

Kare-kare by RiA

I'd like to share another recipe with you. A Filipino and tasty dish called "Kare-kare." I got this recipe from my sister. I tried this a few times already so I somehow managed to do it well. But even when the first time I did this, it was great.

These are the ingredients:
1/2 kilo beef/tripe cut into cubes
1/2 kilo oxtail, 2" long (optional)
8 cups of Water
4 tbsp Oil
1/8 cup Annato Seeds (atsuete)
2 pcs Onions
1 head Garlic
3 cups Peanut Butter
1/4 cup Ground Roasted Rice (or Rice Flour/All Purpose Flour)
4 pcs. Eggplant 1" thick
1 bundle Pechay
1 bundle Sitaw, 2" long strips
1 Banana Bud
Salt or Patis to Taste

1. Boil beef tripe in water for an hour, 30-45 minutes in a pressure cooker or until tender. Strain and keep stock. Remove scums.
2. Put hot water in the annato seeds in a bowl let it stand until bright red in color. Discard the seeds.
3. Saute onions and garlic. Add stock, roasted rice or flour, beef tripe and/or oxtail and peanut butter.
4. Bring to boil and simmer for 15 minutes. Add salt/fish sauce to taste. Put in the annato / atsuete mix well.
5. Add vegetables with 2 minutes intervals: sitaw, eggplant, banana bud and pechay. 6. Cook for a few minutes. Don't over cook the vegetables.
7. Serve with bagoong and rice.
*If using rice flour, mix 1/2 of stock to flour and 1/2 to peanut butter prior to adding mixture.

In the original recipe of my sister, the annato seeds are heated in oil. But for me, I only put in a hot water until it turns bright red in color. It's up to you how red it would be. You can put it later than the veggies or before adding the veggies. This looks difficult to cook but it is pretty simple. I also don't usually measure the ingredients especially the peanut butter. I add just a few at first, then add more to my liking. I actually put a lot so it will taste good so don't stick so much to my measurements. I also don't use oxtail with my recipe, but it is up to you it you want it. I like beef tripe more because it has less scums and fats.
I hope you will try this and share with me the picture of it. Hope you will also like it the way I did it. Till my next dish! See yah!

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