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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spinach and Tuna Pasta by RiA

I got this recipe from but the original recipe had just the spinach, since I have canned tuna left here at home, I decided to add it on this dish. It tasted so good! I'd like to share this with you.

These are the ingredients:
226 gr. - pasta noodles (supposedly fettuccine noodles but I used the spiral one),
226 gr - fresh spinach
1tbsp - garlic salt (mash garlic with salt)
1 cup heavy cream
1/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 can tuna flakes
pinch of nutmeg (optional)

Cook the pasta noodles (fettuccine or spiral) to a boiling water for 10 minutes or until the pasta is a little bit soft, drain. In a pan, stir-fry the tuna flakes until cooked, add in the garlic salt, heavy cream, nutmeg then mix the pasta and the fresh spinach. Sprinkle parmesan cheese on top.

This dish is very delicious and nutritious too because it has vegetables and tuna. This is good for those who are on a diet.

You can partner it with a garlic bread. Just toss a pan bread with a garlic mixture: heat the butter for a short time, just until it melted, put in minced garlic, salt and pepper and basil leaves.

Hope you can try this and share it with me via a comment. Until my next dish! See yah!

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